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Do you know an Asian/Pacific Islander/American living in the Greater Rochester Area whose story should be told? If so, then add a slice to the APAAROC P.I.E. project.

The project's name found inspiration from the phrase "American as Apple Pie" in that it serves an individual slice of life from members of this community and celebrates their ethnic heritage and their contributions to the Greater Rochester Area. The project's goal is to acknowledge the breadth of APA representation in the Greater Rochester area from all walks of life whose commitment to the community has made them notable.

The pan-Asian volunteer group, APAA of Greater Rochester invites you to nominate an individual to be considered for the APAAROC P.I.E. project, which premiered at the Memorial Art Gallery's Family Day on May 5, 2013 during the gallery's annual Asian American History Month celebration. To see the growing list of profiles, go to APAA's web site at and click on "Projects" in the main menu. Then click on "P.I.E. Project" for the honorees and read an essay about them, see video clips from interviews and photos and information about their activities and family.

The APAAROC P.I.E. project team is dedicated to identifying, profiling and honoring distinguished APA Pioneers, Innovators and Entrepreneurs in the Greater Rochester Area. It is essential that nominees to be considered have made significant contributions to benefit the community or society at large.

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