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Formed in April 2002, Asian / Pacific Islander / American History Project of Greater Rochester (APA-HiP) is an educational and community organization committed to collecting, documenting and preserving the history of Asian / Pacific Islander / Americans (APA) in Greater Rochester, New York. APAA was established and incorporated as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization in September 2003, and celebrated our 15th anniversary in 2018.

Mission:  APAA is committed to a stronger Greater Rochester Area community where diverse Asian/Pacific Islander American (APA) peoples are valued, and their heritages and histories are preserved and celebrated.

While we primarily document, preserve and promote written, oral and visual histories, we also promote communication and relationships between various Asian and Pacific Islander ethnic groups and help foster a sense of pride in belonging to the Greater Rochester community. Hence, in 2008, we broadened our name to Asian Pacific Islander American Association of Greater Rochester (APAA). Toward these goals, we initiated projects such as the:

Among our programs, we have produced an annual film series, a documentary of our own, various community photography projects, visual and performing art programs, lectures, presentations, and video and photo exhibits. We have collaborated and partnered with many educational, cultural organizations and institutions in the Greater Rochester community.